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Shiatsu Massage

After many years of training in the Martial Arts Sensei Trevor started to take an interest in" Kyusho-Jutsu" vital points in Karate, which led him to participate in a two year study of Shiatsu under the guidance of Michie Araki at the Shiatsu Yoga Centre Queensland.

What is Shiatsu !

Shiatsu is a form of physical manipulation that was developed in Japan in the 20th Century. Its origin comes from ancient Chinese techniques DO-IN and anma. DO-IN is very similar to yoga while anma resembles western massage. These two techniques are the oldest forms of medical treatment in the orient.

The Shiatsu system is also derived from Chinese acupuncture. It uses the same pathways of energy - the meridians - and the same points called Tsubos. The essential difference is a Shiatsu practitioner uses no needles. It is an energetic system of healing that balances the body's energy field by removing blockages in the pathways.

Shiastsu technique involves stretching, holding and leaning body weight into various part of the recipients body to improve energy flow, blood circulation,flexibility and posture. Pressure and contact is applied through the hands thumbs, fingers, forearms, knees and feet, with the recipient sitting or lying in various positions. Treatment is focused along specific Channels (meridians) of subtle bodily energy called Ki. Ki is the life force which sustains every activity of the body, mind and spirit.

Shiatsu Massage

A one hour session for Shotokan Karate Budokai members is $45.00

A one hour session for non members is $55.00